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Pink Moon Minerals

Written In The Stars Incense Stick Holder

Written In The Stars Incense Stick Holder

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Adorn your home with our new majestic Written In The Stars Incense Stick Holder’s. Embellished with a unique star-filled pattern, this gorgeous piece will add an elegant, tasteful atmosphere to any room while allowing you to enjoy the scent of your favorite incense.

These incense stick holders have a beautiful deep blue colour to replicate the night sky with an intricate gold foil design of the stars, great for moon and star lovers. To use simply place an incense stick into the hole in the middle of the dish, light your Incense stick then blow out the flame allowing the beautiful fragrant smoke to fill your home with a relaxing atmosphere. Sit back and bask in the aromas that fill the air. 

dimensions H:2cm W:9cm D:9cm

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