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Pink Moon Minerals

Polychrome jasper flame

Polychrome jasper flame

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peace ~ comfort ~ stress relief ~ balance ~ joy ~ compassion ~ determination ~ worry



We have one stunning polychrome jasper flame in stock the colours are incredible, polychrome jasper is known for being the stone of calm and tranquility if you find yourself feeling stressed or anxious then this is the crystal for you as this Crystal helps you to feel grounded and calmer, this crystal is such a great Crystal to work with as it’s known for being a nurturing healer. 

Polychrome jasper releases a slow releasing energy and a steady vibration, this stone is great for relieving stress, giving peace, comfort and balance to your life. 

Bring an element of uplifting energy to your home with this beautiful Polychrome jasper flame. This striking crystal accessory creates an inspiring and calming atmosphere, perfect for connecting with spiritual energies.

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