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Pink Moon Minerals

Banded Amethyst tumble

Banded Amethyst tumble

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Clarity ~ positive energy ~ balance emotions ~ rids of negative energy ~ protection ~ relaxation ~ peace ~ enlightens ~ meditation 


We have new stock of banded amethyst tumbles that are stunning, they have a gorgeous purple tone to them with strips of white. Amethyst has many properties, this crystal gets rid of negative energy whilst providing protection. Amethyst attracts positive energy, balances your emotions and brings clarity to the mind helping you be more in tune with yourself and your thoughts.

Bring peace and relaxation to your life with this beautiful Crystal Its unique crystal structure is said to aid in calming and centering the mind, making it the perfect way to enjoy some tranquility. This Crystal can be put in your pocket or bag when your out and about to help centre your mind and bring positive energy into your day. 

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